Case Studies

iSoftStone Leads SharePoint Migration to Azure SQL

iSoftStone Leads SharePoint Migration to Azure SQL

A marketing team for a cloud software company needed a solution to drive planning and execution of disclosure communications.

From Many To One

To meet the needs of the product managers, iSoftStone migrated the existing site from a SharePoint site with multiple lists to an Azure SQL database. iSoftStone simplified and improved the user interface so users see their disclosure communication and activities on a roadmap rather than searching an Excel spreadsheet. A new application was designed and implemented to allow product managers to track their disclosure tasks through auto-generated notifications; they are also able to organize, store, and retrieve marketing documents. Finally, the new application can be grown and scaled to the needs of the product managers enabling them to track and report business metrics.

More Time Can Now Be Dedicated To Working On Their Game

Overall, the solution delivers time savings to the product managers. The incidence of error has also decreased as structuring data in the cloud architecture means information delivered downstream is more transparent. The inclusion of all significant dates in a product’s lifecycle allows the managers to distribute reports detailing the product’s disclosure dates.