Case Studies

iSoftStone helps Microsoft Office 365 Drive Better Insights

iSoftStone helps Microsoft Office 365 Drive Better Insights

Microsoft’s Office 365 team had several groups working to find relative metrics that gauged penetration into online product usage. 

While the Microsoft Office 365 team was successful in gathering and formatting their data they lacked the ability to apply analytics that drove customer personas and insights. In addition, much of the time was spent gathering data, manipulating it, and presenting it via PowerPoint presentations. The team needed a dedicated partner to help structure their data in a way that would drive the most insight.

Prescriptive Reporting Brings Flexibility

iSoftStone worked with the team to automate and consolidate data gathering from Microsoft’s internal big data platform. Once data was gathered and modeled, iSoftStone designed and developed a multi-page interactive dashboard using out of the box Microsoft BI Tools.  Utilizing RapidStart’s iterative reporting approach along with our data scientist practice and visualization experts the team was able to better communicate to their customers through prescriptive reporting while providing future flexibility on the fly.

Automated Data Collection Makes Time For Focused Analysis

What previously took the team weeks to pull together manually is now automated. The team is now able to focus more on analysis and less on data collection, saving time and money. Furthermore, by applying the latest predictive analytics the team was able to increase and predict brand awareness across their customer base.