Case Studies

iSoftStone Helps Recreation and Restaurant Organization Optimize Operating Procedures

iSoftStone Helps Recreation and Restaurant Organization Optimize Operating Procedures

A recreation and restaurant organization had expanded their business organically over a period of 10+ years.

As their business grew, they implemented processes to work around the limitations of their existing infrastructure. This resulted in a complex matrix of confusing procedures that created a negative experience for their customers. They needed a business partner to help them organize their existing materials and develop a new membership management platform to optimize operating procedures going forward.

Understanding The Current State

The iSoftStone team helped by documenting their existing current state processes, identify gaps, and defining the future target state operating procedures. In addition, the team collected and drafted the business requirements for a new state of the art membership management platform. Leveraging their BPM methodology based on W5, iSoftStone evaluated over 50 major work flows, 230 business rules, and 370 informational meta data elements.

Exceeding Expectations And Delighting Members

Through analysis and deep understanding of the customer needs, iSoftStone was able to eliminate all redundant or outdated procedures. At the same time, iSoftStone helped author a Business Requirements Document (BRD) containing the new business rules, security permissions, roles and automation requirements for a new membership management platform. With help from iSoftStone, this organization was able to optimize operating procedures to scale their business and provide their members with an elevated customer experience.