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Eastside Accessibility Meetup

Starting April 16, 2019. Reoccurring approximately every 6 weeks.

One in five Americans live with an impairment that makes it harder for them to access the web, mobile apps, and technology.

We host this Meetup for anyone passionate about developing or designing for accessibility. Our monthly hands-on sessions bring together developers, designers, testers, PMs, and anyone else passionate about inclusive design and accessibility.

Accessibility touches every part of what we do, so our Meetup focuses on both on the technology and business requirements for inclusive design.

Our plan is to host a round-table and discuss the following topics:

  • Demos of the latest accessibility technology
  • Demos of assistive devices
  • Lectures on accessibility standards, guidelines, and timely topics
  • Upcoming events in the inclusive design space
  • Training, learning sessions, and resources

We hope to see you at our next Meetup! Head over to to join the Eastside Accessibility Meetup.