Our collective industry experience and our high standard for quality drive us to achieve successful outcomes.

Business Process Optimization and Consulting

Improvements to business processes and practices are realized as cost savings, reduced time-to-market, enhanced quality, and more accurate predictability.

All industries focus on outcomes that move the needle. Whether generating new sources of revenue, improving strategic position, or streamlining operations, we provide unbiased expertise to help create your focused strategy, execute on key initiatives, and ensure the desired outcome is realized.  

Drawing on our expertise in a variety of methodologies, we design and deploy the most effective approach. Our Project Management Center of Excellence (CoE)  defines key progress metrics, sets risk management guidelines and recommends practical actions. At every touch point, we work with our clients meet their goals. We earn trust by working hand in hand and delivering services that focus on success.

What we do

  • DevOps Consulting
  • Business and Systems Analysis
  • Business Process Redesign
  • Project and Program Management
  • Change Management
  • Release Management
  • Product Management
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Build vs Buy Analysis
  • RFP Creation and Vendor Analysis
  • Strategic and Competitive Analysis

How we do it

  • Agile/Scrum
  • Waterfall
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Design Excellence
  • IBM Rational Unifies Process (RUP)
  • Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF/MOF)

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve customer experiences and drive innovation and growth.

We partner with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning pioneers to bring best in class digital transformation services and develop high-quality training data sets to enhance their algorithms. We handle everything from data collection, to labeling and testing projects, to analysis of freshness and trendiness within specific markets. In addition, we develop cutting edge AI software together with our clients. With over 16 years of experience, 22 offshore delivery centers, 38,000 full time employees and a dedicated pool of over 200,000 global crowdsourcing resource, our AI and machine learning team understands what it takes to deliver success on a global scale. Whether you are working with text, speech, image or video data, we can help! 

What we do

  • Market Research
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Marketization and Culturalization
  • Localization and Translation
  • In-Market Product Testing
  • Data Collection
  • Data Processing
  • Data Labelling
  • SPAM Filtering

  • Query Relevance
  • Ads Relevance
  • Freshness and Trendiness
  • Local Content Relevance
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Speech Data Collection
  • Phonetic and Orthographic Transcription
  • Semantic Annotation

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Market Expansion

China’s market economy is the world’s largest economy by purchasing power parity. -The International Monetary Fund

As the leading provider of Consulting, BPO and IT services in China, we leverage our extensive partner, client and regulatory network to help global clients enter and expand their market presence in China. Through our innovative solutions and compelling insights, we build a holistic go-to-market model to win the value segment.

We hyper-charge our market expansion programs with an end-to-end marketing program and platform specific to companies entering the China market. From strategy, to branding, to the use of WeChat and other specific social media platforms, and program analytics and assessment. Our approach ensures your program will be visible and effective.

With research-backed, proven practices, iSoftStone helps global companies:

  • develop successful China market strategy through detailed analysis on market, competition, and ROI
  • leverage our partner and client network to fortify your value proposition
  • assess results and proactively make market-based adjustments
  • support marketing, IT, sales and other business needs through the entire process

Offshore Development

Offshore development centers let you focus on your core business.

Local or global, businesses wanting to improve operational efficiency look to us to deliver unique advantages in human capital and global delivery capabilities.  

Our offshore development centers offer a stable environment that allows clients to focus on other, higher business priorities. We are proud of the long-term partnerships we've grown with our clients. We've earned their trust by meeting specific needs and quickly deploying global strategies. Our deep expertise, skilled management, collaborative teams, and proprietary tools ensure our offshore development center services are high quality and efficient—boosting productivity and reducing operational cost.

What we do

  • Build-Operate-Transfer
  • Business Processes
  • Consulting
  • Infrastructure Construction
  • Infrastructure Management

  • Product Development
  • Software Development
  • Technical Support
  • Quality Assurance

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Smart City

Leveraging technology to create safe and sustainable cities for all citizens to live and work in.

With the rapid urbanization of local populations, our future and livelihood is increasingly tied to the cities we live and work in.  This movement brings with it several unintended consequences including a massive strain on outdated civic infrastructures, a rapidly increasing carbon footprint, and new risks to public health and wellbeing. Accommodating this new reality will require a concerted focus on new civic technologies that enable large populations to coexist with health and efficiency.

As a global leader in Smart Cities implementations, iSoftStone North America is helping cities leverage new solutions to rapidly improve the lives of their citizens.  From reducing traffic on your daily commute, to better understanding the effects of pollution on your family, we’re working to make our communities happier and healthier.

What We Do

Mobility Solutions

Connected Health

Smarter Energy

Device Communications

Civic Security

Governance Technology

How We Do It

Strategic Planning

Program Management

Solution Implementation

Custom Application Development

Platform Integration

Urban Analytics

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