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Getting started as an accessibility crowdsource tester

Help iSoftStone harness the diversity of the skills and expertise of millions of testers around the globe to give our customers real-life scenario feedback that improves applications, platforms, and services for all users.
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Diverse group of people in an office war room environment sitting around multiple devices reviewing test cases.

Accessibility crowdsource testing creates legitimacy as a means of data collection.

Crowdsource testing is a type of software testing that allows people to earn money for their testing efforts while providing companies a large volume of test data that help them drive quality and assess experiences of their applications, websites, and other consumer software.

Getting started

Is accessibility crowdsource testing the right opportunity for you?

Anyone across the globe can sign up to participate in accessibility crowdsource testing and apply for different projects to get paid testing websites, applications, and more. People with and without disabilities can participate in crowdsource testing. Industry-recognized accessibility certification, like Trusted Tester, is required to participate.

Illustrates time that is flexible.

Flexible work schedule

Perform testing activities based on your availability and schedule. Tasks can be completed in the evenings and on weekends to fit your unique schedule.

Illustrates the concept of a presentation or someone giving instruction or training.

Access to resource libraries

As you participate in more test activities, you will have access to a library of upskilling material that you can voluntarily review that can help you with additional accessibility crowdsource testing opportunities.

Indicates some form of dollar or budget savings; can also indicate revenue growth.

Earn extra money

Make money on the side as a freelancer through accessibility crowdsource testing by getting paid based on the number of tasks completed.

Frequently asked questions about crowdsource testing.

Illustrates someone giving or receiving payment.

How will I be paid?

We partner with a company called Datavio that manages all payment activities. Payments are made through either PayPal or Payoneer. You’ll need to create an account with one of these services as part of the onboarding process. Paypal does charge a business transaction fee, but Payoneer does not.

Represents consulting services or helping others learn information.

Will I work directly with iSoftStone?

iSoftStone owns all the contracts with the various companies for whom we offer crowdsource testing. As an independent consultant, you will have the option to work on various projects and tasks related to the iSoftStone’s engagements. iSoftStone partners with another company called Datavio to manage all contract activity and payment transactions, so you will receive occasional emails from Datavio to sign contracts, accept payment, etc.

Refers to people, events, or materials that are certified or recognized.

Is accessibility certification required to participate in crowdsource testing?

Yes, industry-recognized accessibility certification is required to be onboarded as an accessibility crowdsource tester. Trusted Tester certification is a common certificate that is accepted by iSoftStone and its customers.

Indicator of successful QA, Test, or Assessment projects or activities.

How long are testing engagements?

The length of an engagement depends on the customer needs. A typical test wave will be one week with a specified number of tasks they want completed. Specific details as to the length of a wave and the number of tasks included will be provided in onboarding details when you apply for a specific crowdsource test opportunity.

Represents location or direction.

Can I work from anywhere?

Yes, typically you can work from any location you like to perform the crowdsource test activities. Occasionally there may be customer requirements that specify test activities must be done in a certain geographic location. Details outlining this level of requirement and expectation will be available in the onboarding details.

Indicates implementation of sustainable solutions.

Can I sign up for multiple test opportunities?

Yes, you may sign up for as many crowdsource testing roles as you like.

Calendar page indicating a period of time.

How long has iSoftStone been doing this type of work?

iSoftStone has been supporting customers with crowdsource data services for over 10 years. Accessibility crowdsourcing is something our customers have recently shown interest in, and we have been supporting them with this service since 2022.

Help drive improved product design and better user experiences through your participation.

Take the first step to get started with crowdsource testing. Simply provide us a little bit of information about yourself and any experience you have with accessibility testing. Then we’ll reach out to you with accessibility testing opportunities.

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Your expertise can help make a difference.

Join our global community of accessibility testers and help shape new products and feature enhancements to better serve all user experiences.

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