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At iSoftStone, our motto is: Be passionate, be heard, be the difference. We love that our people bring diverse passion, perspective and experience to our community. Together, we inspire each other to be innovators who are not afraid to put their ideas into action. Our “come as you are” culture supports employee development and empowerment. We believe in an equal opportunity for all and seek to create an inclusive atmosphere, free from discrimination and harassment.

At iSoftStone each team member can influence the business in a meaningful way, and we believe that creating a strong team environment allows our people to own their ideas and let their voice be heard. Working at iSoftStone means you get to dig into complex projects in a relaxed atmosphere where people know your name and where having fun, enjoying your work, and hanging out with your coworkers is encouraged.

If you are passionate about technology, want your ideas to be heard, and strive to be a difference in your work and community, there is no better place to do so than here at “The Stone”. Come join us.

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